Welcome to my own part-time Freelance Mobile Services, helping capture images for Careers or Personal use!
I have been a Pro Photographer for over 20yrs, and am based in St.Ives near Cambridge, UK!
This is now my own part-time Professional Mobile Freelance style, which is aimed at helping those who might be looking for their own Personal Photographer, to help promote a possible Career aim, or for your own Personal/Private interest, and provide digital images for Portfolios to Websites or maybe even a Surprise for Someone!

Whatever your interest might be, whether you're an Amateur, Aspiring or have a Professional background, i am happy to discuss all ideas put forward, see what we might be able to consider, thank you!

Contact Me:

E: djblues69@hotmail.co.uk

M: 07762348434

Instagram - djblues69

Fb: I do have a Photography Contacts Page!

On Request: I do belong to PurplePort, a Photographer, Models and MUA site, which has more images and references from those Models!