"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"

Welcome to my own subtle PORTFOLIO!

My name is David, this is my own part-time Pro Mobile Freelance Photography, helping various Natural and Alternative Women, who are looking to capture their own amazing Look or Style for Modelling or just your own Personal/Private use!

My work style is aimed at helping those 18+ who have a look that captures my own imagination, so feel i can help provide some amazing images to build up your own Portfolio or Selection!
I will consider those Girls 16-17 in age, who might be considering Modelling, but they will definitely need parental or guardian consent before i can consider helping with a Portfolio, they will also need a Female Chaperone with them on any shoots that might be considered!

Personal Shoots for Women are also aimed at helping Boost Confidence and Feeling Empowered, and start looking forward to the Future!

My work covers from Outdoor shoots using various locations, to providing Indoor shoots at each Models own Home, but only if convenient, using various rooms as subtle backdrops, but this must be acceptable to each Model, as i don't have or use studios!

Thank You,
Photographer - David Johns
Based near Cambridge - UK.

All Images on this site are Copyright of DJBlues.