"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder"

DJBlues Photography!

"Fashion to Glamour"

My work covers from Modelling to Personal and Business use, helping various Women (Natural or Alternative style) to put together images that capture their own amazing Look, Figure and Personality, for a Portfolio, Yourself or maybe Promote your aims, while also helping to Boost Confidence for the Future!

My work is Mobile, covering Outdoor shots to providing Indoor shoots, if or when convenient at each Models own Home, as this allows Models to have their own clothes, props to hand, while using various rooms as subtle backdrops, so can feel more relaxed in a Place they know!

Models, am always happy for you to have a Female Chaperone with you during your own Shoot, if this might help you feel more relaxed?

Thank You,
Photographer - David Johns
Based near Cambridge - UK.

All Images on this site are Copyright of DJBlues.